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Plugging along

Upon trying to keep things rolling, here I am again. With three out of the four stories completed, I'm pleased to report that book 3, Fatal Drip of Wisdom, is finally underway once more. Sanxie has had a rough couple of years (she lost her house in the Colorado East Terrible fires right before Thanksgiving a year and a half ago). But we are now back on track.

Terry is working a three different stories... two Regency era, and one Vintage along the lines of the Weatherford Sisters Mysteries.

Since I have two books out with the editors (yes, different editors), I've yet to get started on the next project. Amanda McCabe and I are in the process of setting up the marketing and promo pieces for our December 1st release of Gaming Hell Christmas Volume 2.

And I'll be traveling in the next few weeks.

Colorado for a huge HS reunion in September.

Warren's RAM for published authors in November.

Busy times.

Happy Reading 📚

kathy l wheeler

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