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Winning an award

Is awesome, but .... it's not the end all. It's always about the next story. I've been really lucky, and I've worked hard. To date, I've picked up a couple of finalist awards for Quotable (3rd place), Mail Order Bride: The Breakaway (finalist); and The Mapmaker's Wife (1st place in Historical Shorts). I'm soooo grateful for the love. The placements and awards definitely validate my writing, but, it all comes down to the next story.

Quotable was my first, 3rd place in the International Digital Awards a few years back. It was the second story I'd ever written too! Since then, I've written 30 more books. Hard to believe. This last award for A Dagger Cuts Deep is very special as this series is one I'm doing with my (newbie) writing partners/sisters.

I won't say it hasn't been a challenge, because it is. We are working on getting the first phase of the series completed. There have been hiccups, but we are getting close!

Currently, I have two books out for edits. Gaming Hell Christmas Volume 2 (with Amanda McCabe)

Just yesterday we were working on the blurbs. This book releases on December 1. We are in the process of setting up the marking promo. Here's what we have to date though it's subject to change 🥰 :

The Thief Who Stole Christmas - Amanda McCabe

A man who has never broken the rules, and a woman who just might break his heart! But Christmas is always a time for second chances...

The Kerse Who Saved Christmas - Kathy L Wheeler

Kerse: He, of the no nonsense approach, is stymied by She, a woman considered long past prime marriageability who needs a keeper more than he requires a wife. Yet the dreamy-eyed, impractical, and much too optimistic Philomena still manages to steal his heart despite her unrealistic beliefs and trust in fortune tellers.

If that wasn't enough!!!! I have another book out for edits that releases March 7th, 2023: Captivated by His Countess. It's part of my Rebel Lords of London series (that is doing quite well, thank you very much. 🥰)

His work as a dangerous spy are nothing compared to the antics his of new wife... James Huntley, Earl of Greenwood, has his hands full with a bride who is as unpredictable as she is lovely. The Countess of Greenwood, Gabriella, aspires to help less fortunate women gain their independence from the streets. But her impulsive nature triggers one scandal after another that threatens to expose the earl's past. When a woman of questionable character is murdered, and the trail leads directly to Gabriella, Greenwood must save his bride from transport, or worse, a hanging, and the two of them from certain ruin.

Like I said, it's all about the next book. So, what's next for me?

The Betting Billionaire series. I'm working on book 2. Currently, the ideas are just rambling around in my head. Well, not completely in my head. I'm making notes. But, I really can't dive in until the edits come back on the previous two books. Once those are out of my head, well, then, it's a free-for-all. Personality dialysis! (From Wicked, in case you didn't know).

Happy reading. 📚

kathy l wheeler

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